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 Crown Meadow First School and Nursery
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Our Vision
Together We Learn
Our Mission Statement:
“To be a fully inclusive school which embraces diversity and fosters the love of learning by all children and adults alike”.
To provide a happy and safe learning environment for everyone.
To be welcoming and approachable.
To provide a climate where everyone knows that they are cared for, respected, valued and listened to.
To work together to ensure that every child makes the best progress and attains the highest standards of which they are capable.
To encourage and inspire children to become independent learners who respond positively to challenges.

To value and encourage the involvement of parents and carers in their child’s learning and in school life.
To treat everyone fairly and equally, understanding and embracing each other’s similarities and differences.
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Crown Meadow First School & Nursery
Birmingham Road
B48 7TA

Tel:0121 445 4540
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