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We now have a new website that is well under way, please go to
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Welcome to Rose Hill Primary School

Rose Hill Primary School
Derby Road
01473 727552

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Logging In

To log-in to our Learning Platform, please enter ROSE_ followed by your childs first initial (in capitals)and their surname, for example:-
The username is the one they were issued with.

How to Log-In 

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Term dates for the year 2013/2014 and the year 2014/2015 can be found on the 'Parents' page.
Click on the 'Parents' at the top of this page inside the Yellow Box. 
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General Information

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Further Information.....

Further Information such as School Policies, help with School Admissions, Term dates, Newsletters and the current school Prospectus can be found on the 'Parents' page.
To navigate to this page, click on the pink LifeCloud tab on the left-hand side of this screen, then click on the + sign adjacent to 'Rose Hill Primary School'. A drop-down list will appear, click on 'Parents' and the the page should reload. If you have any problems viewing this page, please contact the school Office on the telephone number above.
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Useful Web Links

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Admissions to Schools

If you need advice about School Admissions procedure, please read the booklet 'Admissions to Schools in Suffolk', available from the school office.  Copies of the booklet are also available online.
A link can be found in the 'Useful Website' box below.
Or you can contact them on:-
Phone: 0845 600 0981
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