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St Silas CE Primary School

St Silas Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6JP

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Tel: 01254 698447


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Head Teacher: Hillary Hinchliff
Dept' Head Teacher: Michele Battersby

H.Hinchliff - Head Teacher

welcome to
St Silas' VLE.
Have a look around, there is lots to see.
Mrs H.Hinchliff

Embedded Object Learning Cell Welcome to St Silas' CE Primary School

Content Learning Cell !!! Competition !!! - Are you Generation Art?

Yesterday I received a letter from the National Association for Gallery Education inviting our children to submit pieces of art work for a competition.  Once the work has been entered, a panel of young artists will select the most exciting art which will go on tour at different art galleries around the country. 

This is a really exciting opportunity and seems too good to miss but unfortunately the deadline is Tuesday 7th April 2015 which does not leave us with very much time to complete the art work in school.  However, a lot of children have been inspired, by the art skills taught in school, to complete pieces of art at home and already many have brought examples into school.  If your child would like to enter the competition please complete a piece of art work and bring it into school by Friday 27th March 2015.  I will complete all the paperwork and submit their entry on their behalf. 

The finished piece of work can be in any medium – digital, painting, drawing, sculpture, models etc.  To submit the pieces I will have to take a photo and get some details from your child about what inspired the art work.       Details Here

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