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Maths in Key Stage 1

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Telscombe Cliffs News

'RMEasimaths' now has an 'Apple App'
Click here to find in 'iTunes' store.
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Welcome to our school.

Welcome to Telscombe Cliffs Primary School
Welcome back.

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Music evenings 2nd and 3rd of April

Thank you to all those parents who supported our recent Music Evenings.
Photos from the performances will be added here after the Easter break. 

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Music Evening April 2014

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'Life' updates

For questions about our 'Life' platform please contact the school office by clicking on the link below.
Any questions or comments?

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Funky Friday!

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Lunch menu

This week's menu can be accessed by clicking here.
It is also in our 'Parents' area under 'Letters to Parents/Carers'.

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How to . .

Children who have not already logged on to our 'Life' learning platform will be bringing 'Login' details in the coming week.
A help guide can be downloaded here.

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